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Yoga and Chiropractic Work Together

Many of my patients ask me about yoga.  The most common concern is, is it safe when they are suffering back and joint pains.  My short answer is a qualified “yes.”  Yoga actually has many of the same goals and outcomes as chiropractic treatment: increased mobility, flexibility & balance; decreased stress; and better sleep.  In addition, yoga stretches and strengthens almost every muscle in your body.

So yes, yoga is a great addition to your natural health care regime. The benefits gained from yoga – specifically improved flexibility and strength – can make your chiropractic adjustments easier and more effective.  In fact, many chiropractors are adding yoga to the services they offer patients.  While I do not have the space to sponsor yoga classes, I highly recommend a local yoga instructor, Mj Sandell (RYT-200), owner of Yoga Shared, LLC.  She focuses her practice on modifications for chiropractic patients and has occasionally consulted me for advice on specific issues.  You can contact her at for more information.

About that “qualified” yes:  There are several different types of yoga, and instructors may adhere strictly to one type, or incorporate elements of several.  Additionally, classes are typically rated as beginner, intermediate & advanced.  It is extremely important that you talk to the instructor first and make sure that you are in the right class for you.  Yoga done correctly is wonderfully beneficial.  Yoga done incorrectly is uncomfortable and potentially harmful.

There are many great sources of information about yoga and yoga for chiropractic patients on the internet.  Here are three sources that I have referred to in writing this blog.

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