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I’ve Heard That Once You Start Chiropractic Therapy You End Up Going All the Time

If you come to me for a recent short-term injury (acute) you would probably only need a short term of therapy.  If you are seeking relief from a long-term condition (chronic) it is more likely that you would need a longer series of adjustments and treatments.  Recovery and healing depend on many factors, including what you do outside of my office.   Having said that, I believe that you are in charge of your health and I will work with your needs and wishes to get you back to feeling good as quickly as possible.

Many of my patients come to me only when they are in pain, and some schedule frequent appointments to prevent recurring pain.  Others enjoy the many health benefits of chiropractic treatments on a regular basis.  Chiropractic health care is holistic in nature, which means that we consider the total person when designing a plan of treatment:  the patient’s physical, emotional, and behavioral state is taken into consideration.  Trust and communication between doctor and patient are key.  So, in my practice I don’t prescribe a certain number of treatments or sell package deals.  Your body will tell you what it needs.

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